The unconscious parts of humanity are being prepared for mass disclosures

Pay close attention dear souls, to each and every time you see an article in your mainstream about how scientists have discovered new planets that they think could harbor Life.

Pay attention to any mainstream disclosures that you feel may be significant in view of the coming changes, for these disclosures have begun trickling down again, in subtle ways.

The unconscious parts of humanity are being prepared for mass disclosures with the publishing of many subtle articles of disclosure, and each time you hear of a planet discovered or a ‘new’ bacteria that scientists feel could be producing Life on other worlds, just know that you are being prepared for the admission that Life is abundant all throughout this beautiful Creation of ours.

Whenever you see or hear of a new planet, an unconscious part of you is automatically directed to the subject of ‘alien’ planets and extraterrestrial Life.

Those parts of yourselves whom for the most part you do not feel or recognize during you daily existence, know fully of all that is to transpire and have been preparing even many unawakened souls for many disclosures and revelations, though of course for the most part the slumbering humanity does not realize this is taking place.

We hope dearly that you can take solace in the fact that those who are still unawakened on your world or seemingly cut off from the energies and truths of the higher realms, are still experiencing ascension just as you are and are still working in conjunction with their higher selves and many aspects of their higher selves to prepare themselves to be better able and ready to absorb the many disclosures, revelations and changes that are to unfold on your surface in a very short amount of your fading concept of time.

This month of May is to be a very important energetic month, and while we will not at this time speak to the physical events set to occur in this month of May if all goes as planned, the purity of energies that are to make their way to you with the coming and passing of your current month are to set the stage for the energetic and physical manifestation of so very many beginning changes that you have been waiting for, for so very long.

Indeed, each month in your calendar is and has been crucial to the bringing-forth of so many pure energies and to the continual building-up of the disclosure announcements that are to hit you like a ton of bricks whenever you see such things on your TVs.

Of course it has been spoken of endlessly how fast everything is going to come up on your world, and the many things that we have to share with you are going to surprise and shock you, which is why such a buildup and gradual, subtle and small disclosure is needed [at first] .

The preparation that humanity has been given has been extremely fleeting, and when we say this we mean as well for awakening humanity, for each and every one of you who have been waiting for these changes for decades of your time are still going to feel vastly unprepared when so many revelations begin pouring forth.

You may feel a bit caught out of the blue, and upon the beginning disclosures we can feel already that many of you will be evaluating and re-evaluating your own previous stances on how long these changes have taken to happen.

As hard as a truth as this is for us to acknowledge because we must do everything we can to stay away from any types of lower energies, much density and many lower energies have been directed at us souls here in the Galactic Federation and in many other Organizations who are assisting your world at this time, due to the pace of events manifesting on your beautiful world.

We can say that we have only been here to help, as while we are all indeed so very close to Earth and humanity and feel such a Love, such an eternal bond with humanity, we are not in fact the deciders of when and how events manifest on your world.

Of course dear souls, it has been expressed that you are all the deciders and manifestors of the events set to unfold on your world, and we implore you to continue on in your thoughts of the future and in all of the wonderful things that it has for you.

Of course, many of you read the websites and view the shows of many terrestrial truthseekers and whistleblowers who are directly involved in these changes and who know, even if only to an extent, just all that is happening and is set to happen on your world.

Whenever you hear or view of the miraculous things to come that you know and can feel in your hearts are genuine, take some meditative time and spend some meditative energy on visualizing and appreciating the glorious future set before you, as even the workings of our Earth Allies depend on the energies that their and our cause is given by each and every one of you on Earth.

We do not recommend one keeps oneself completely immersed in reports of the events unfolding on Earth all of the time, as doing so will take your power away as you give it to the terrestrial or extraterrestrial souls you would be continually relying on for our energies and for your view of updates in relation to what the immediate future is going to be like.

There are certain quirks; certain events in relation to the manifestation of all that is to occur, that you on Earth have the complete power to Create or take away from your perception and from your Creation.

By this we mean that the most minute and in some cases, the not so minute details can be and have in fact been Created by you. This is why we implore you to visualize and meditate on what these Earth changes are and could be, for you are all key to this glorious future that is occurring.

Many on your world are more caught up in the physical aspects of these changes, and many are more caught up in the esoteric and spiritual aspects of these changes and while we recommend a blending of the mindsets that still separate physical and spiritual, we say that this perceived separation can be a good thing for you are all directing your individual and collective energies to each and every facet of these events, be them physical or spiritual.

Indeed, some of you visualize and foresee many glorious and wonderful physical events that are to grace your world such as disclosure and the giving of so many etheric and amazing technologies to you and your world, and some of you are more concerned with your ascension which such physical events are to precede, and the many energetic and celestial happenings that are going to put you in just as much ‘shock and awe’ as the initial disclosures and giving of advanced technologies.

We ask you all with Love and appreciation in our hearts to begin to recognize, appreciate and Love the elemental aspects of your world at this time.

While on Earth you are all experiencing consciousness in each and every type and form that it has to offer, and the majority of what have been seen as lower dimensional forms existing in the form of plants and trees and such, are themselves ascending and this ascension of the elementals is happening as the ascension of Mother Gaia’s core which has already taken place, begins to echo unto your surface and unto each and every being on your surface who is aware of ascension and who is working in themselves to grow toward ascension and to evolve into the states of consciousness in which you all once existed so very happily.

Of course, as mentioned earlier in this communication each and every soul, awakened or unawakened, is experiencing this ascension as it simply cannot be any other way; as long as one Lives on this world, on the surface of dear beautiful Gaia, one will be subject to and apart of the various continual energy movements that take place in Gaia’s core and on Gaia’s surface and believe us, ascension is quite included in these energetic movements for the energetic movements are what are bringing ascension to you in ever purer and more clear forms.

The elementals; the dear grass, the dear trees, the dear water that you drink and absorb every day in each and every form that such water takes, they are all experiencing this ascension as well and for the most part, are experiencing it in much more pure leaps and bounds than even many awakening souls.

This is because even many awakening souls on Gaia’s surface are still experiencing density, are still working through, transmuting and ascending away from their own lower, egotistical structures of mind and behavior.

As each and every one of you peel off the layers of ego more and more and discover the energies of the higher realms, your etheric, spiritual states begin to recognize and reflect this happening and you are yourselves exposed to the continually pure energies of the higher realms in measured ways, but in ways that will see you prepared as needed in accordance with you own peeling-away and integrating of the etheric layers of ego that have been holding back your perception of ever purer realms of consciousness, even if only slightly.

The elementals do not have such ego-based structures to work through as they are very used to and enjoy simply existing, simply feeling, and radiating their energies out to each and every area of dear Gaia’s surface and to each and every form of the Logos energy that we all are, be it human or otherwise. [They wish for you to] pick up on the sending of such energies and to feel in yourselves the communications and impressions that the elementals are sending you at this time.

Make your attempts to feel and connect with the elements, for they are truly your fellow soul brethren simply in a different form. One of the best and most helpful methods of finding and maintaining a communication and relationship with the elementals is to make a clear and honest effort in yourselves to honor them. The elementals and the dear animals alike on your world have not been honored for so very long, and have rather been used for the personal gain of humanity in so very many ways.

This is so for so many plants and for the water that dear Gaia gives you as well for even water has been taken and distorted into the lower dimensional likes of soda and so very many other substances that can be seen as liquid but that are certainly not as healthy as water. What you know as soda is purposefully a lower dimensional substance and is meant to have so very many long term health effects well as the short term health effects that can be noticed.

The dear water and your dear plants have been distorted in ways so that many do not honor the water and the plants, but so that you all rather use these plants in your own ways and for your own gains. Of course, it was indeed agreed upon by humanity, the animals and the elements that at certain points along the lower dimensional experience and indeed, nearly during the entire lower dimensional experience, humanity would need to utilize the gifts given by plants, by water, by animals and so many other Life forms for humanities own gain an advancement.

It used to be dear souls, that one would ask for permission from the higher self of the soul whose life they were going to take so that they could find nourishment and sustenance. The animal or plant knew on some level that their Life was going to be taken, but that it was going to be taken in a permissive and respectful manner rather than the human soul taking their Life and not caring a bit about the sanctity of the animal and plant temple.

Now of course in your current times humanity has fallen into such complacency that the care and respect of the sanctity of the temples of animals and plants has gone completely unnoticed, as much of humanity still seems to believe that animals and plants are near inanimate objects that can be simply pushed around and utilized without permission to feed whatever aspect of one’s Life and of one’s gaining of sustenance that one wishes to perpetrate. To do so is to gain much negative karma for oneself.

Nature and many aspects of nature have in fact helped you to reach higher states of consciousness, but at a certain point the using of any physical substance to gain a higher perception and awareness becomes unneeded and a bit of a burden to the soul doing so, as the energies you are being given that you can attune yourselves to at any time are so very much more pure than the energies of the almost-higher realms that you can feel and receive by using various Earthly substances, plants or otherwise, than can but in some cases don’t help one find [truly] higher states of consciousness.

Honor the cannabis plant; ask to feel it’s higher dimensional energies in meditation rather than burning it’s structure to feel such energies that are themselves denser because of the act of burning the plant and in many cases, because the condition the plant was given in. Honor this plant and feel it’s energies by asking for such energies, rather than by destroying its structure without permission as indeed, one can ask for respectful permission to do so but the feeling of the energies of this and so many other plants while in meditation will see you better able to absorb the energies of these various plants which were first meant to help the lower dimensional humanity find and attain higher and purer states of consciousness and perception. (1)

As you make it your intent and effort to honor the elements and the various plants and other forms of Life that make up the elements, you will begin to feel a very strong bond ingrained between you and these elements, and the burning of plants and the perceived destruction of the elementals and of nature are what have been holding you back from reaching such states of perception and consciousness; states of Uniting with such plants rather than feeding separation through complacency.

Of course dear souls, you are never judged for your actions that could be seen as being against the best interests of the elemental kingdom or of animals, and any hurts or pains garnered from the elementals in relation to humanities slumber and resulting misuses of the elementals and of animals, will be discussed, healed and transmuted upon humanities wonderful realigning and reawakening with the beautiful elementals and the beautiful animals alike on your equally beautiful ascending world.

Much is going to be disclosed about us extraterrestrial souls who are helping you on your journey, but some of the most startling aspects of these accounts will be how much your animals and your fellow brethren experiencing consciousness as trees and grass have been helping you.

These souls see and feel you each and every day just as you see and feel them, and they feel such Love for you that they feel they wish to help you by providing energetic foundations for you to experience not just your ascension in general, but for you to experience happier and more Lighted states of consciousness and being throughout your days.

Indeed, we have noticed that many of you may feel angry or upset, and then go outside to the beautiful trees, water and air and begin to feel better and more Lighted. This is because each and every atom of Creation be it in the form of the beautiful elementals or otherwise, are sending you their Loving energies unconditionally in a beautiful Service-to-Others and Service-to-Humanity effort, for they want each and every one of you to feel as happy as they and we feel alike.

Humanity has been experiencing unhappiness for so very long, but you all deserve to feel as happy and as Lighted as you have wished to and this is why we are helping you to ascend and this is as well why your elemental brethren assist you every day by happily giving you the energies and impressions of happiness and of Joy.

As always dear souls, we ask you to feel and radiate the Love around you for it is increasing in frequency, purity and potency each and every moment. Oh dear souls, if only you could continually and in every single moment re-attune yourselves to the continually pure frequencies of the energies coming to you; it is simply that doing so would take up so very much of your much needed energy. Worry not, for your higher selves are sending you this energy in measured ways that you can better attune to and handle such energies.

We Love you all so very much, and we make our exit from this communications with this Love and with this Joy that we have wished to impart unto you with this message.

Do you feel this everlasting Joy, this Peace that is now around you? We ask you to feel and radiate this Joy, and give it to others unconditionally just as we and your dear elemental brethren do happily.

Thank you to the Pleiadian Council of Nine

-Channeled through Wes Annac-


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Reflection Principle

In set theory, a branch of mathematics, a reflection principle says that it is possible to find sets that resemble the class of all sets. There are several different forms of the reflection principle depending on exactly what is meant by “resemble”. Weak forms of the reflection principle are theorems of ZF set theory due to Montague (1961), while stronger forms can be new and very powerful axioms for set theory.

The name “reflection principle” comes from the fact that properties of the universe of all sets are “reflected” down to a smaller set.

Motivation for reflection principles

A naive version of the reflection principle states that “for any property of the universe of all sets we can find a set with the same property”. This leads to an immediate contradiction: the universe of all sets contains all sets, but there is no set with the property that it contains all sets. To get useful (and non-contradictory) reflection principles we need to be more careful about what we mean by “property” and what properties we allow.

To find non-contradictory reflection principles we might argue informally as follows. Suppose that we have some collection A of methods for forming sets (for example, taking powersets, subsets, the axiom of replacement, and so on). We can imagine taking all sets obtained by repeatedly applying all these methods, and form these sets into a class V, which can be thought of as a model of some set theory. But now we can introduce the following new principle for forming sets: “the collection of all sets obtained from some set by repeatedly applying all methods in the collection A is also a set”. If we allow this new principle for forming sets, we can now continue past V, and consider the class W of all sets formed using the principles A and the new principle. In this class W, V is just a set, closed under all the set-forming operations of A. In other words the universe W contains a set V which resembles W in that it is closed under all the methods A.

We can use this informal argument in two ways. We can try to formalize it in (say) ZF set theory; by doing this we obtain some theorems of ZF set theory, called reflection theorems. Alternatively we can use this argument to motivate introducing new axioms for set theory.

[edit] The reflection principle as a theorem of ZFC

In trying to formalize the argument for the reflection principle of the previous section in ZF set theory, it turns out to be necessary to add some conditions about the collection of properties A (for example, A might be finite). Doing this produces several closely related “reflection theorems” of ZFC all of which state that we can find a set that is almost a model of ZFC.

One form of the reflection principle in ZFC says that for any finite set of axioms of ZFC we can find a countable transitive model satisfying these axioms. (In particular this proves that ZFC is not finitely axiomatizable, because if it were it would prove the existence of a model of itself, and hence prove its own consistency, contradicting Gödel’s theorem.) This version of the reflection theorem is closely related to the Löwenheim-Skolem theorem.

Another version of the reflection principle says that for any finite number of formulas of ZFC we can find a set Vα in the cumulative hierarchy such that all the formulas in the set are absolute for Vα (which means very roughly that they hold in Vα if and only if they hold in the universe of all sets). So this says that the set Vα resembles the universe of all sets, at least as far as the given finite number of formulas is concerned.

For any natural number n, one can prove from ZFC a reflection principle which says that given any ordinal α, there is an ordinal β>α such Vβ satisfies all first order sentences of set theory which are true for V and contain fewer than n quantifiers.

[edit] Reflection principles as new axioms

Bernays used a reflection principle as an axiom for one version of set theory (not Gödel-Bernays set theory, which is a weaker theory). His reflection principle stated roughly that if A is a class with some property, then one can find a set u such that A∩u has the same property when considered as a subset of the “universe” u. This is quite a powerful axiom and implies the existence of several of the smaller large cardinals, such as inaccessible cardinals. (Roughly speaking, the class of all ordinals in ZFC is an inaccessible cardinal apart from the fact that it is not a set, and the reflection principle can then be used to show that there is a set which has the same property, in other words which is an inaccessible cardinal.) The consistency of Bernays’s reflection principle is implied by the existence of a measurable cardinal.

There are many more powerful reflection principles, which are closely related to the various large cardinal axioms. For almost every known large cardinal axiom there is a known reflection principle that implies it, and conversely all but the most powerful known reflection principles are implied by known large cardinal axioms (Marshall R 1989).

If V is a model of ZFC and its class of ordinals is regular, i.e. there is no cofinal subclass of lower order-type, then there is a closed unbounded class of ordinals, C, such that for every αεC, the identity function from Vα to V is an elementary embedding.

Holographic Principle

“Holographic Universe” redirects here. For the album, see Holographic Universe (album). For the book by Michael Talbot, see The Holographic Universe.

The holographic principle is a property of quantum gravity and string theories which states that the description of a volume of space can be thought of as encoded on a boundary to the region—preferably a light-like boundary like a gravitational horizon. First proposed by Gerard ‘t Hooft, it was given a precise string-theory interpretation by Leonard Susskind.

In a larger and more speculative sense, the theory suggests that the entire universe can be seen as a two-dimensional information structure “painted” on the cosmological horizon, such that the three dimensions we observe are only an effective description at macroscopic scales and at low energies. Cosmological holography has not been made mathematically precise, partly because the cosmological horizon has a finite area and grows with time.[1][2]

The holographic principle was inspired by black hole thermodynamics, which implies that the maximal entropy in any region scales with the radius squared, and not cubed as might be expected. In the case of a black hole, the insight was that the description of all the objects which have fallen in can be entirely contained in surface fluctuations of the event horizon. The holographic principle resolves the black hole information paradox within the framework of string theory.[3]

Black hole entropy

An object with entropy is microscopically random, like a hot gas. A known configuration of classical fields has zero entropy: there is nothing random about electric and magnetic fields, or gravitational waves. Since black holes are exact solutions of Einstein’s equations, they were thought not to have any entropy either.

But Jacob Bekenstein noted that this leads to a violation of the second law of thermodynamics. If you throw a hot gas with entropy into a black hole, once it crosses the horizon, the entropy would disappear. The random properties of the gas would no longer be seen once the black hole had absorbed the gas and settled down. The second law can only be salvaged if black holes are in fact random objects, with an enormous entropy whose increase more than compensates for the entropy carried by the gas.

Bekenstein argued that black holes are maximum entropy objects—that they have more entropy than anything else in the same volume. In a sphere of radius R, the entropy in a relativistic gas increases as the energy increases. The only limit is gravitational; when there is too much energy the gas collapses into a black hole. Bekenstein used this to put an upper bound on the entropy in a region of space, and the bound was proportional to the area of the region. He concluded that the black hole entropy is directly proportional to the area of the event horizon divided by the Planck area.[4]

Stephen Hawking had shown earlier that the total horizon area of a collection of black holes always increases with time. The horizon is a boundary defined by lightlike geodesics; it is those light rays that are just barely unable to escape. If neighboring geodesics start moving toward each other they eventually collide, at which point their extension is inside the black hole. So the geodesics are always moving apart, and the number of geodesics which generate the boundary, the area of the horizon, always increases. Hawking’s result was called the second law of black hole thermodynamics, by analogy with the law of entropy increase, but at first, he did not take the analogy too seriously.

Hawking knew that if the horizon area was an actual entropy, black holes would have to radiate. When heat is added to a thermal system, the change in entropy is the increase in mass-energy divided by temperature:

dS = {dM\over T} \, .

If black holes have a finite entropy, they should also have a finite temperature. In particular, they would come to equilibrium with a thermal gas of photons. This means that black holes would not only absorb photons, but they would also have to emit them in the right amount to maintain detailed balance.

Time independent solutions to field equations don’t emit radiation, because a time independent background conserves energy. Based on this principle, Hawking set out to show that black holes do not radiate. But, to his surprise, a careful analysis convinced him that they do, and in just the right way to come to equilibrium with a gas at a finite temperature. Hawking’s calculation fixed the constant of proportionality at 1/4; the entropy of a black hole is one quarter its horizon area in Planck units.[5]

The entropy is the logarithm of the number of ways an object can be configured microscopically, while leaving the macroscopic description unchanged. Black hole entropy is deeply puzzling — it says that the logarithm of the number of states of a black hole is proportional to the area of the horizon, not the volume in the interior.[6]

[edit] Black hole information paradox

Hawking’s calculation suggested that the radiation which black holes emit is not related in any way to the matter that they absorb. The outgoing light rays start exactly at the edge of the black hole and spend a long time near the horizon, while the infalling matter only reaches the horizon much later. The infalling and outgoing mass/energy only interact when they cross. It is implausible that the outgoing state would be completely determined by some tiny residual scattering.

Hawking interpreted this to mean that when black holes absorb some photons in a pure state described by a wave function, they reemit new photons in a thermal mixed state described by a density matrix. This would mean that quantum mechanics would have to be modified, because in quantum mechanics, states which are superpositions with probability amplitudes never become states which are probabilistic mixtures of different possibilities.[7]

Troubled by this paradox, Gerardus ‘t Hooft analyzed the emission of Hawking radiation in more detail. He noted that when Hawking radiation escapes, there is a way in which incoming particles can modify the outgoing particles. Their gravitational field would deform the horizon of the black hole, and the deformed horizon could produce different outgoing particles than the undeformed horizon. When a particle falls into a black hole, it is boosted relative to an outside observer, and its gravitational field assumes a universal form. ‘t Hooft showed that this field makes a logarithmic tent-pole shaped bump on the horizon of a black hole, and like a shadow, the bump is an alternate description of the particle’s location and mass. For a four-dimensional spherical uncharged black hole, the deformation of the horizon is similar to the type of deformation which describes the emission and absorption of particles on a string-theory world sheet. Since the deformations on the surface are the only imprint of the incoming particle, and since these deformations would have to completely determine the outgoing particles, ‘t Hooft believed that the correct description of the black hole would be by some form of string theory.

This idea was made more precise by Leonard Susskind, who had also been developing holography, largely independently. Susskind argued that the oscillation of the horizon of a black hole is a complete description of both the infalling and outgoing matter, because the world-sheet theory of string theory was just such a holographic description. While short strings have zero entropy, he could identify long highly excited string states with ordinary black holes. This was a deep advance because it revealed that strings have a classical interpretation in terms of black holes.

This work showed that the black hole information paradox is resolved when quantum gravity is described in an unusual string-theoretic way. The space-time in quantum gravity should emerge as an effective description of the theory of oscillations of a lower dimensional black-hole horizon. This suggested that any black hole with appropriate properties, not just strings, would serve as a basis for a description of string theory.

In 1995, Susskind, along with collaborators Tom Banks, Willy Fischler, and Stephen Shenker, presented a formulation of then new M-theory using a holographic description in terms of charged point black holes, the D0 branes of type IIA string theory. The Matrix theory they proposed was first suggested as a description of 2branes in 11 dimensional supergravity by Bernard de Wit, Jens Hoppe, and Hermann Nicolai. The later authors reinterpreted the same matrix models as a description of the dynamics of point black holes in particular limits. Holography allowed them to conclude that the dynamics of these black holes give a complete nonperturbative formulation of M-theory. In 1997, Juan Maldacena gave the first holographic descriptions of a higher dimensional object, the 3+1 dimensional type IIB membrane, which resolved a long-standing problem of finding a string description which describes a gauge theory. These developments simultaneously explained how string theory is related to quantum chromodynamics, and afterwards holography gained wide acceptance.

[edit] Limit on information density

Entropy, if considered as information (see information entropy), is measured in bits. The total quantity of bits is related to the total degrees of freedom of matter/energy.

In a given volume, there is an upper limit to the density of information about the whereabouts of all the particles which compose matter in that volume, suggesting that matter itself cannot be subdivided infinitely many times and there must be an ultimate level of fundamental particles. As the degrees of freedom of a particle are the product of all the degrees of freedom of its sub-particles, were a particle to have infinite subdivisions into lower-level particles, then the degrees of freedom of the original particle must be infinite, violating the maximal limit of entropy density. The holographic principle thus implies that the subdivisions must stop at some level, and that the fundamental particle is a bit (1 or 0) of information.

The most rigorous realization of the holographic principle is the AdS/CFT correspondence by Juan Maldacena. However, J.D. Brown and Marc Henneaux[8] rigorously proved already in 1986, that the asymptotic symmetry of 2+1 dimensional gravity gives rise to a Virasoro algebra, whose corresponding quantum theory is a 2 dimensional conformal field theory.

[edit] High level summary

The physical universe is widely seen to be composed of “matter” and “energy”. In his 2003 article published in Scientific American magazine, Jacob Bekenstein summarized a current trend started by John Archibald Wheeler, which suggests scientists may “regard the physical world as made of information, with energy and matter as incidentals.” Bekenstein quotes William Blake and questions whether the Holographic principle implies that seeing “the world in a grain of sand,” could be more than “poetic license“.[9]

[edit] Unexpected connection

Bekenstein’s topical overview “A Tale of Two Entropies” describes potentially profound implications of Wheeler’s trend in part by noting a previously unexpected connection between the world of information theory and classical physics. This connection was first described shortly after the seminal 1948 papers of American applied mathematician Claude E. Shannon introduced today’s most widely used measure of information content, now known as Shannon entropy. As an objective measure of the quantity of information, Shannon entropy has been enormously useful, as the design of all modern communications and data storage devices, from cellular phones to modems to hard disk drives and DVDs, all rely on Shannon entropy.

In thermodynamics (the branch of physics dealing with heat), entropy is popularly described as a measure of the “disorder” in a physical system of matter and energy. In 1877 Austrian physicist Ludwig Boltzmann described it more precisely in terms of the number of distinct microscopic states that the particles composing a macroscopic “chunk” of matter could be in while still looking like the same macroscopic “chunk”. As an example, for the air in a room, its thermodynamic entropy would equal the logarithm of the count of all the ways that the individual gas molecules could be distributed in the room, and all the ways they could be moving.

[edit] Energy, matter, and information equivalence

Shannon’s efforts to find a way to quantify the information contained in, for example, an e-mail message, led him unexpectedly to a formula with the same form as Boltzmann’s. Bekenstein summarizes that “Thermodynamic entropy and Shannon entropy are conceptually equivalent: the number of arrangements that are counted by Boltzmann entropy reflects the amount of Shannon information one would need to implement any particular arrangement…” of matter and energy. The only salient difference between the thermodynamic entropy of physics and the Shannon’s entropy of information is in the units of measure; the former is expressed in units of energy divided by temperature, the latter in essentially dimensionless “bits” of information, and so the difference is merely a matter of convention.

The holographic principle states that the entropy of ordinary mass (not just black holes) is also proportional to surface area and not volume; that volume itself is illusory and the universe is really a hologram which is isomorphic to the information “inscribed” on the surface of its boundary [6].

[edit] Claimed experimental test at gravitational wave detectors

The Fermilab physicist Craig Hogan claims that the holographic principle may imply quantum fluctuations in spatial position[10] that would lead to apparent background noise or holographic noise measurable at gravitational wave detectors, in particular GEO 600.[11]


The Central Purpose at the heart of the Great Story

This unification continues in a spiral of infinite ascension until each of the Tribes of Light embraces its sovereign perfection.

Finally, the seven Tribes of Light shall come together …

“As it is my nature to be seven-fold, there are seven universes that comprise my body. Within each of these, a species of a particular DNA template is cast forth and is nurtured by Source Intelligence to explore its material universe. Each of these species is sent forth from the Central Race into the universe that was created to unveil its potential and seed vision. Your species will converge with six other species in a distant future that will reunite my body as the living extension of known creation. While this may seem so distant as to have no relevance to your time, it is vital for you to understand the scope of your purpose. You can think of these seven species as the limbs of my body rejoined to enable me/us total functionality within the grand universe. This is my purpose and therefore your own as well.”

— First Source Transmission, My Central Purpose

Liminal Cosmogony

The Central Race is the progenitor of the humanoid race. In effect, they are our future selves. Quite literally they represent what we will evolve into in time and towards in terms of space.

The structure of the universe is segmented into seven superuniverses that each revolves around a central universe. The central universe is the material home of First Source. Few people understand that in order to govern the material universe, First Creator must inhabit materiality and function in the material universe. The central universe is its material home and is eternal. It’s surrounded by dark gravity bodies that make it essentially invisible even to those galaxies that lie closest to its periphery which, incidentally, house the Central Race (they’re represented in the diagram as the red dots surrounding the central universe).

The central universe is stationary and eternal, while the seven superuniverses are creations of time and revolve around the central universe in a counterclockwise rotation. Surrounding these seven super-universes is “outer” or peripheral space, which is non-physical elementals consisting of non-baryonic matter or antimatter, which rotates around the seven superuniverses in a clockwise rotation. This vast outer space is expansion room for the superuniverses to expand into. The known universe that our astronomers see is mostly a small fragment of our superuniverse and the expansion space at its outermost periphery.

On the fringe of the central universe resides the Central Race, which contains the original human DNA template of creation. However, they are such an ancient race that they appear to us as Gods, when indeed they represent our future selves. Time and space are the only variables of distinction. The Central Race is known to our elder race as the creator gods who developed the primal template of the human species and then, working in conjunction with the Life Carriers, seeded the galaxies as the universes expanded. Each of the seven superuniverses has a distinctive purpose and relationship with the central universe via the Central Race based on how the Central Race experimented with the DNA to achieve compatible physical embodiments to be soul carriers.

Translation — Dr. Jamisson Neruda

The red dots symbolize the seven Tribes of Light that make-up the Central Race.
The seven tribes encircle the Central Universe, and each tribe populates its own Super Universe (SU).