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The unconscious parts of humanity are being prepared for mass disclosures

Pay close attention dear souls, to each and every time you see an article in your mainstream about how scientists have discovered new planets that they think could harbor Life.

Pay attention to any mainstream disclosures that you feel may be significant in view of the coming changes, for these disclosures have begun trickling down again, in subtle ways.

The unconscious parts of humanity are being prepared for mass disclosures with the publishing of many subtle articles of disclosure, and each time you hear of a planet discovered or a ‘new’ bacteria that scientists feel could be producing Life on other worlds, just know that you are being prepared for the admission that Life is abundant all throughout this beautiful Creation of ours.

Whenever you see or hear of a new planet, an unconscious part of you is automatically directed to the subject of ‘alien’ planets and extraterrestrial Life.

Those parts of yourselves whom for the most part you do not feel or recognize during you daily existence, know fully of all that is to transpire and have been preparing even many unawakened souls for many disclosures and revelations, though of course for the most part the slumbering humanity does not realize this is taking place.

We hope dearly that you can take solace in the fact that those who are still unawakened on your world or seemingly cut off from the energies and truths of the higher realms, are still experiencing ascension just as you are and are still working in conjunction with their higher selves and many aspects of their higher selves to prepare themselves to be better able and ready to absorb the many disclosures, revelations and changes that are to unfold on your surface in a very short amount of your fading concept of time.

This month of May is to be a very important energetic month, and while we will not at this time speak to the physical events set to occur in this month of May if all goes as planned, the purity of energies that are to make their way to you with the coming and passing of your current month are to set the stage for the energetic and physical manifestation of so very many beginning changes that you have been waiting for, for so very long.

Indeed, each month in your calendar is and has been crucial to the bringing-forth of so many pure energies and to the continual building-up of the disclosure announcements that are to hit you like a ton of bricks whenever you see such things on your TVs.

Of course it has been spoken of endlessly how fast everything is going to come up on your world, and the many things that we have to share with you are going to surprise and shock you, which is why such a buildup and gradual, subtle and small disclosure is needed [at first] .

The preparation that humanity has been given has been extremely fleeting, and when we say this we mean as well for awakening humanity, for each and every one of you who have been waiting for these changes for decades of your time are still going to feel vastly unprepared when so many revelations begin pouring forth.

You may feel a bit caught out of the blue, and upon the beginning disclosures we can feel already that many of you will be evaluating and re-evaluating your own previous stances on how long these changes have taken to happen.

As hard as a truth as this is for us to acknowledge because we must do everything we can to stay away from any types of lower energies, much density and many lower energies have been directed at us souls here in the Galactic Federation and in many other Organizations who are assisting your world at this time, due to the pace of events manifesting on your beautiful world.

We can say that we have only been here to help, as while we are all indeed so very close to Earth and humanity and feel such a Love, such an eternal bond with humanity, we are not in fact the deciders of when and how events manifest on your world.

Of course dear souls, it has been expressed that you are all the deciders and manifestors of the events set to unfold on your world, and we implore you to continue on in your thoughts of the future and in all of the wonderful things that it has for you.

Of course, many of you read the websites and view the shows of many terrestrial truthseekers and whistleblowers who are directly involved in these changes and who know, even if only to an extent, just all that is happening and is set to happen on your world.

Whenever you hear or view of the miraculous things to come that you know and can feel in your hearts are genuine, take some meditative time and spend some meditative energy on visualizing and appreciating the glorious future set before you, as even the workings of our Earth Allies depend on the energies that their and our cause is given by each and every one of you on Earth.

We do not recommend one keeps oneself completely immersed in reports of the events unfolding on Earth all of the time, as doing so will take your power away as you give it to the terrestrial or extraterrestrial souls you would be continually relying on for our energies and for your view of updates in relation to what the immediate future is going to be like.

There are certain quirks; certain events in relation to the manifestation of all that is to occur, that you on Earth have the complete power to Create or take away from your perception and from your Creation.

By this we mean that the most minute and in some cases, the not so minute details can be and have in fact been Created by you. This is why we implore you to visualize and meditate on what these Earth changes are and could be, for you are all key to this glorious future that is occurring.

Many on your world are more caught up in the physical aspects of these changes, and many are more caught up in the esoteric and spiritual aspects of these changes and while we recommend a blending of the mindsets that still separate physical and spiritual, we say that this perceived separation can be a good thing for you are all directing your individual and collective energies to each and every facet of these events, be them physical or spiritual.

Indeed, some of you visualize and foresee many glorious and wonderful physical events that are to grace your world such as disclosure and the giving of so many etheric and amazing technologies to you and your world, and some of you are more concerned with your ascension which such physical events are to precede, and the many energetic and celestial happenings that are going to put you in just as much ‘shock and awe’ as the initial disclosures and giving of advanced technologies.

We ask you all with Love and appreciation in our hearts to begin to recognize, appreciate and Love the elemental aspects of your world at this time.

While on Earth you are all experiencing consciousness in each and every type and form that it has to offer, and the majority of what have been seen as lower dimensional forms existing in the form of plants and trees and such, are themselves ascending and this ascension of the elementals is happening as the ascension of Mother Gaia’s core which has already taken place, begins to echo unto your surface and unto each and every being on your surface who is aware of ascension and who is working in themselves to grow toward ascension and to evolve into the states of consciousness in which you all once existed so very happily.

Of course, as mentioned earlier in this communication each and every soul, awakened or unawakened, is experiencing this ascension as it simply cannot be any other way; as long as one Lives on this world, on the surface of dear beautiful Gaia, one will be subject to and apart of the various continual energy movements that take place in Gaia’s core and on Gaia’s surface and believe us, ascension is quite included in these energetic movements for the energetic movements are what are bringing ascension to you in ever purer and more clear forms.

The elementals; the dear grass, the dear trees, the dear water that you drink and absorb every day in each and every form that such water takes, they are all experiencing this ascension as well and for the most part, are experiencing it in much more pure leaps and bounds than even many awakening souls.

This is because even many awakening souls on Gaia’s surface are still experiencing density, are still working through, transmuting and ascending away from their own lower, egotistical structures of mind and behavior.

As each and every one of you peel off the layers of ego more and more and discover the energies of the higher realms, your etheric, spiritual states begin to recognize and reflect this happening and you are yourselves exposed to the continually pure energies of the higher realms in measured ways, but in ways that will see you prepared as needed in accordance with you own peeling-away and integrating of the etheric layers of ego that have been holding back your perception of ever purer realms of consciousness, even if only slightly.

The elementals do not have such ego-based structures to work through as they are very used to and enjoy simply existing, simply feeling, and radiating their energies out to each and every area of dear Gaia’s surface and to each and every form of the Logos energy that we all are, be it human or otherwise. [They wish for you to] pick up on the sending of such energies and to feel in yourselves the communications and impressions that the elementals are sending you at this time.

Make your attempts to feel and connect with the elements, for they are truly your fellow soul brethren simply in a different form. One of the best and most helpful methods of finding and maintaining a communication and relationship with the elementals is to make a clear and honest effort in yourselves to honor them. The elementals and the dear animals alike on your world have not been honored for so very long, and have rather been used for the personal gain of humanity in so very many ways.

This is so for so many plants and for the water that dear Gaia gives you as well for even water has been taken and distorted into the lower dimensional likes of soda and so very many other substances that can be seen as liquid but that are certainly not as healthy as water. What you know as soda is purposefully a lower dimensional substance and is meant to have so very many long term health effects well as the short term health effects that can be noticed.

The dear water and your dear plants have been distorted in ways so that many do not honor the water and the plants, but so that you all rather use these plants in your own ways and for your own gains. Of course, it was indeed agreed upon by humanity, the animals and the elements that at certain points along the lower dimensional experience and indeed, nearly during the entire lower dimensional experience, humanity would need to utilize the gifts given by plants, by water, by animals and so many other Life forms for humanities own gain an advancement.

It used to be dear souls, that one would ask for permission from the higher self of the soul whose life they were going to take so that they could find nourishment and sustenance. The animal or plant knew on some level that their Life was going to be taken, but that it was going to be taken in a permissive and respectful manner rather than the human soul taking their Life and not caring a bit about the sanctity of the animal and plant temple.

Now of course in your current times humanity has fallen into such complacency that the care and respect of the sanctity of the temples of animals and plants has gone completely unnoticed, as much of humanity still seems to believe that animals and plants are near inanimate objects that can be simply pushed around and utilized without permission to feed whatever aspect of one’s Life and of one’s gaining of sustenance that one wishes to perpetrate. To do so is to gain much negative karma for oneself.

Nature and many aspects of nature have in fact helped you to reach higher states of consciousness, but at a certain point the using of any physical substance to gain a higher perception and awareness becomes unneeded and a bit of a burden to the soul doing so, as the energies you are being given that you can attune yourselves to at any time are so very much more pure than the energies of the almost-higher realms that you can feel and receive by using various Earthly substances, plants or otherwise, than can but in some cases don’t help one find [truly] higher states of consciousness.

Honor the cannabis plant; ask to feel it’s higher dimensional energies in meditation rather than burning it’s structure to feel such energies that are themselves denser because of the act of burning the plant and in many cases, because the condition the plant was given in. Honor this plant and feel it’s energies by asking for such energies, rather than by destroying its structure without permission as indeed, one can ask for respectful permission to do so but the feeling of the energies of this and so many other plants while in meditation will see you better able to absorb the energies of these various plants which were first meant to help the lower dimensional humanity find and attain higher and purer states of consciousness and perception. (1)

As you make it your intent and effort to honor the elements and the various plants and other forms of Life that make up the elements, you will begin to feel a very strong bond ingrained between you and these elements, and the burning of plants and the perceived destruction of the elementals and of nature are what have been holding you back from reaching such states of perception and consciousness; states of Uniting with such plants rather than feeding separation through complacency.

Of course dear souls, you are never judged for your actions that could be seen as being against the best interests of the elemental kingdom or of animals, and any hurts or pains garnered from the elementals in relation to humanities slumber and resulting misuses of the elementals and of animals, will be discussed, healed and transmuted upon humanities wonderful realigning and reawakening with the beautiful elementals and the beautiful animals alike on your equally beautiful ascending world.

Much is going to be disclosed about us extraterrestrial souls who are helping you on your journey, but some of the most startling aspects of these accounts will be how much your animals and your fellow brethren experiencing consciousness as trees and grass have been helping you.

These souls see and feel you each and every day just as you see and feel them, and they feel such Love for you that they feel they wish to help you by providing energetic foundations for you to experience not just your ascension in general, but for you to experience happier and more Lighted states of consciousness and being throughout your days.

Indeed, we have noticed that many of you may feel angry or upset, and then go outside to the beautiful trees, water and air and begin to feel better and more Lighted. This is because each and every atom of Creation be it in the form of the beautiful elementals or otherwise, are sending you their Loving energies unconditionally in a beautiful Service-to-Others and Service-to-Humanity effort, for they want each and every one of you to feel as happy as they and we feel alike.

Humanity has been experiencing unhappiness for so very long, but you all deserve to feel as happy and as Lighted as you have wished to and this is why we are helping you to ascend and this is as well why your elemental brethren assist you every day by happily giving you the energies and impressions of happiness and of Joy.

As always dear souls, we ask you to feel and radiate the Love around you for it is increasing in frequency, purity and potency each and every moment. Oh dear souls, if only you could continually and in every single moment re-attune yourselves to the continually pure frequencies of the energies coming to you; it is simply that doing so would take up so very much of your much needed energy. Worry not, for your higher selves are sending you this energy in measured ways that you can better attune to and handle such energies.

We Love you all so very much, and we make our exit from this communications with this Love and with this Joy that we have wished to impart unto you with this message.

Do you feel this everlasting Joy, this Peace that is now around you? We ask you to feel and radiate this Joy, and give it to others unconditionally just as we and your dear elemental brethren do happily.

Thank you to the Pleiadian Council of Nine

-Channeled through Wes Annac-


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20 May 12 A rare solar eclipse alignment will happen

On May 20, 2012, a rare solar eclipse alignment will happen between the Earth, the Sun and Alcyone in the Pleiades Constellation. According to myth, the hunter Orion was in love with the SEVEN SISTERS and pursued them until the gods took them to safety, transforming them first into doves, and then into stars. Maia, the eldest of the seven Pleiades, gave birth to Hermes (Thoth). The Pleiades are a well-known sight in the Northern Hemisphere in winter and in the Southern Hemisphere in summer, and have been known since ancient times to cultures all around the world. Early Dakota stories speak of the ancestors as being the Pleiades. The Hopis called the Pleiadians the ‘Chuhukon’, meaning those who cling together. They considered themselves direct descendents of the Pleiadians. Navajos named the Pleiades the ‘Sparkling Suns’, the home of the ‘Black God’. The Iroquois pray to them for happiness. The Cree claim to have come to Earth from the stars in spirit form first and then became flesh and blood. Some Native Americans believed that all tribes in North America came from the Pleiades. That they were actually descendents and had been given a task by the Pleiadians to keep the Earth safe. Eclipses mean changes, good and everything in-between. Eclipses always escort in significant events– They intensely magnify and are living parenthesis forcing us to look at what we have turned our heads away from. Solar eclipses mean new beginnings, (May 20, 2012) and lunar eclipses (June 4, 2012) represent finishing things. These are very powerful Eclipses each with there own gifts and own set of rules. As the Pleiadian stellar connection renews itself, new crystalline geometries will be birthed that compliment the existing light connection. I am Pleiadian of origin. I am feminine of nature and I am love as are you. My energy, my light and my truth is needed at this time and at this place. You will feel my presence as I touch you for you all are contained within my heart as we speak light to light, heart to heart, and truth to truth. It is important for you as humans to see the beauty in your life, in your day, and in your physical being. You spill so much life force being angry at the way you look the way your life has been, and the cards that you have been dealt. You look at each other with pointed thoughts and sharp words. Your eyes go green and your heart grows cold as you view another who has obtained a little more light, a little more beauty, and a little more prosperity – not because they were born with it, but because they have the gift and ability to see those beautiful qualities in others. The only way to claim your beauty, your wealth, your health, and your love is to see it in others. For the world mirrors your own reflection. If you do not feel worthy and prosperous, you see that in your own reflection. It is important to address and see the magic of someone winning your lottery games. Congratulate them energetically and send them love as they have energetically earned this monetary gift. See your stock market balancing itself rising in value. See the true energetic value of your home and your car. Do not focus on depreciation but instead focus on appreciation. Allow what you have ownership of to gain value through you. You receive value when you see the value of others. You gain your beauty when you see the beauty of others. You gain wealth when you rejoice in the good fortune of others. For their good fortune means that your good fortune is right around the next corner, the next thought. Every minute of every day you too shall be blessed if you quietly bless others. The world reflects your every thought. If you are attracting those who are down in the dumps, sad and desperate, look at your own vibration and make some corrections. Change the way you see the world and you will change yourself. Compliment others on their beauty. The inhabitants of Earth have stopped complimenting each other, honoring each other and it shows in earth’s aura. Gain entrance to the kingdom of light through valuing everything on earth. Value your light and your life and the monumental creation that you are. You are a singular creation of the house of light. The Creator has never created another species like you. That is why you are given charge over the angels, because you are grand in preparation. You are grand in thought and the heart’s desires of the Creator are placed within your body mind and spirit. Everything the earth experiences, you experience as well. Your destiny is greater than any other creation upon earth. It is time to prepare your heart to receive more love. A love that is so deep and so big that the sky is jealous for it has never seen such vastness. The palpitations within your heart are the breaking down the walls as the light enters. I have gathered you into my heart and now we are one again.

I am Pleiadian of origin.


Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

2012: The Mayan Calendar

“2012: The Mayan Calendar” Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn ~ Earth-Keeper Chronicles July 2011

The Universe, the Cosmos is perfection itself, regardless of any interpretation or perception of it. In a quantum sense, all things in the crystalline unified field act precisely, perfectly according to their nature, their architectural integrity. Yet some are created at higher frequencies, at higher vibratory resonance than others. And so with these words, we begin this most interesting discussion.

Question to Archangel Metatron:
According to one modern Mayan Calendar interpreter, we are experiencing an acceleration of consciousness like no other. In fact, the researcher says that the rate of consciousness will speed up by a factor of 20 in 2011, so a shift in consciousness that took a whole year from 1999 until now, will take only 20 days. This factor of 20 will be in full potential from March 9th to October 28 2011. If this is so, what does it mean exactly?

Archangel Metatron:
The potential for increased consciousness is indeed taking place as a pre-set quickening of the Ascension. However, the ‘rate’ of shift varies with each individual, and as such a fixed factor of the acceleration cannot truly be given per se.

Before we comment further on the acceleration of consciousness, we wish you to know that the remarkable calendar that you currently refer to as ‘Mayan’, was not developed nor originally written by the Mayans in the manner that you suppose. It predated the Mayans by more than 18,000 years. It was originally developed by the enlightened Atlanteans of Poseida with assistance from the Sirian/Pleiadean Alliance, and stored by means of crystalline technology, termed ‘the Crystal Skulls’.

Even your more creative anthropologist considers that the earliest Mayan society only began around 2,000 BC. We assure you the calendar was in place and effect, in a much more expansive format, long before the Mayan society came into existence. What you now refer to as the Mayan calendar is but a small remnant of what pre-existed the Mayans.

The area inhabited by the predecessors of the Mayans in the Yucatan area of Mexico and Guatemala was connected by a land bridge to the Atlantean island of Poseida before the quakes and the final deluge of Atlantis submerged it. Highly technically advanced cultures from Atlantis inhabited Central America and Egypt long before the final demise of Atlantis. The Central American, South America (OG) and Egyptian colonies and cultures emerged from and were one with the highly spiritual Atlanteans of the ‘Law of One’ for many millennia before the destruction of Atlantis.

These societies contained within them an élite and highly advanced group of what might be termed ‘scientist/ priests’. These sages of the Atla-Ra were highly adept at the science of mind over matter. These Masters operated through mental physics and operated in full consciousness in countless subtle degrees of multidimensionality.

So while the untrained masses of humanity in the era of Atlantis lacked such skills, and indeed utilised land bridges and other less advanced forms of transport to and from the colonies of Atlantis, Og, Yucatan and Egypt, the inner circle of scientist/priests had the means to etherically bi-locate and physically manifest – not just on Earth, but also universally and galactically. They interacted with the extraterrestrials of the Pleiadean/Sirian Alliance, and were the original source of the cyclic calendar you presently term ‘Mayan’.

Small enclaves of these scientist/priests flourished for millennia after the deluge, and retained the knowledge of the calendar as well as the supervision of the construction of the various pyramids, with assistance from the afore-mentioned extraterrestrials.

Yet these scientist/priests did not represent the society of the Mayans as a whole. That is why the Mayans are an enigma to you today. Some of the accomplishments attributed to them reveal great technical advancement, and yet the society as a whole was rural and given to unseemly ceremonies involving human sacrifice and other aberrations under ruthless misaligned dictatorships.

So it follows that the scientist/priests of OG, Yucatan, Egypt and other ‘forgotten’ cultures before and after them, understood both the science of mental physics and had knowledge of astronomy and dimensional cycles. Only those of adept and austere initiate traditions and societies knew this, although very little evidence of any significance remains today, and what does remain is not recognised nor is as yet understood.

Understanding the science of mental physics and having the ability to utilise such knowledge is what defines the gap between what today’s academics know and what the advanced societies of the past knew. The influence of precise thought upon matter is not yet understood by humanity, and is a forgotten science.

The scientist priests knew well the art of dematerialisation and re-manifestation. It was by means of travel through bi-location, and of the translation of physical matter from location to location that the greatest of the pyramids were constructed. This technology remains a mystery to you today. The Atla-Ra and their descendants had the ability mentally to shift matter from the 3rd dimension into fields of what might be termed anti-gravity; to dematerialise and re-form and re-manifest as substance without density. In certain circumstances they were even able to alter their own reality and dimension.

The significance of this is that neither the masses of the Olmec, Aztec, Mayan, nor the Meso-American peoples retained the mastery that certain aspects of their culture exhibited. Our point is that the Atla-Ra developed the calendar, and segments of the Mayans retained that knowledge and recreated records and texts to preserve it. But just as in Atlantis, the scientist/priests, while highly respected, were not the governing body nor the decision-makers as to how the society as a whole developed.

Is this the reason why the changes seem to be happening not only faster and faster but with more intensity?

Archangel Metatron:
It is the increase in resonance that is escalating the potential of each individual to shift upward into great and greater conscious awareness. The Ascension is underpinned and indeed defined by the dimensional expansion of the Earth, including the crystalline realms.

The Ascension is characterised by the ‘new’ input of life-force consciousness units, termed by your ancients as ‘Akash’ or ‘Adamantine Essence’ that are in themselves the potent light particulate of reality manifestation. (In our terms – Consciousness Units.) The crystalline realm begins at the level of the fifth dimension and extends to the 15th in terms of the Omni-Earth.

What has been available to mankind prior to the dimensional expansion of the Ascension, has been a transduced or ‘stepped-down’ version of Consciousness Units in what would be termed electromagnetic energy units that are able to function in the physical polarity field and linear space/time aspects of the third dimension.

Crystalline consciousness units operate in a much more rapid frequency, and are spurred into creative manifestation of reality through the higher aspect of mind, in the realm you refer to as the subconscious. Accordingly the intensity of energies, of consciousness shift and quickening of time pulse are all attributes of the resonance.

The event you refer to as ‘the Ascension’ is in truth the expanded ability of 3D humanity to rise into a ‘higher’ dimension, the crystalline dimension, that has for many millennia been unavailable to you. Yet having the expansion of energies that make Ascension available, does not mean that each individual will immediately utilise the opportunity again being offered. Indeed the choice to do so remains with each person. Ascension is thus a personal option, depending on the readiness, the pure intent and indeed the Light quotient of the individual. Ascension occurs one heart, one mind at a time. It was ever thus.

Earth is a free will, free choice environment by design. ‘Ascension’ is not a magical star-dust that immediately transmutes all that it touches – rather it is a newly-opened frequencial doorway that the individual may choose to pass through when ready.

It is important to bear in mind that the Mayan Calendar, while accurate in its determination of cycles, can be analysed differently according to the perspective, stance and Light quotient of each interpreter. Accordingly, it is more accurate to say that the degree of ‘shift’ or greater consciousness is determined by the awareness of the individual, and not by any pre-set numerical factor.

We must add that certain ‘Mayan’ texts that were destroyed by the Spanish priests provided information that would have given far more expansive views of the calendar. Also, many centuries before the Maya, other texts that were vital components of the calendar were lost – a loss that has severely impaired a broader understanding of the information originally presented.

Permit us to stress once again that the rate of an individual’s Ascension is determined by and actuated by his intent, and his ability to rise into and absorb the enhanced energy available.

Could you talk about this aspect of acceleration and what it offers humanity ?

Archangel Metatron:
Dimensional reality on Earth is programmed to appear in a time sequence

you perceive as linear. It is, to use your computer terminology, a program facilitated by a server, which in this case is the 144-Crystalline grid. Through the 144-Grid the sub-programs of ‘time’ are inserted as holographic realities. There are epochs and eras, entire civilisations that are inserted into the Grid Server as programs. That is why certain civilisations such as the Mayan can seem to have suddenly sprung up out of nowhere into the vast ‘sea of Creation’ within the flow of the collective unconsciousness, the consciousness grid that enables created realities.

Linear time is a functional, purposeful illusion. In truth, all programs are running simultaneously. Therefore on the level of the oversoul, you are experiencing many civilisations, and all lifetimes at the same time in the Unified Field of the Crystalline Multiverse.

One aspect of the Ascension is the centering of all time, and in the greater overview, the time acceleration now being experienced on Earth is occurring because an aperture in the hologram programs of simultaneous time is allowing all holograms to complete themselves in this cycle. As such, that which you term ‘Light’ is itself accelerating, and this is affecting every aspect of your present experience.

How does it affect time, and will time itself disappear?

Archangel Metatron:
We have said that time as you know it, is accelerating. Time and space are different aspects of the same energy. Both are aspects of Light, and the speed of Light around Earth is accelerating. Indeed, your planet is reformulating. But remember, it is not merely the pulse-flash of time sequencing that is increasing, indeed, it is humanity that is increasing in vibration.

As we have said, the world remakes itself now as the inertia of time-chronology speeds past more quickly today than it did yesterday. Accordingly 2011 and 2012 will continue to expedite Light acceleration and your expanding consciousness.

With this surge, your life itself will shift into a higher tempo. You see, the speed of Light has increased. It is already evident to many of you that all is quickening, time is accelerating as the Ascension draws nigh. Your moments, hours and days flash by much quicker. So as time reshapes itself it will also reshape the experience of mankind, of visible and invisible forces of Nature and that of the face of the Earth itself.

You must understand that each dimension above the 3rd, beginning at the 5th, has its own unique laws of physics and its own time pulse. Light becomes crystalline coherent light at the level of the fifth dimension, and increases in velocity and frequency in each successive higher dimension. And time itself eventually disappears.

At the time of the Ascension, when Earth and her inhabitants enter the new Crystalline era, the major power crystals will not be taken from you and misused, as occurred long ago, precipitating the demise of Atlantis. Never again will they be used for any purpose other than the highest good. Be assured of this. It is a sacred oath that will indeed be kept.

Are the Pyramids symbols of the Cosmos?

Archangel Metatron:
‘Gateways’ would be a more accurate term. In a manner of speaking the Pyramids were tools for opening portals into higher dimensions, both vertically and horizontally, inwardly and outwardly.

The Mayan Pyramids were constructs of the Sirian/Pleiadean Alliance. They were, formulated, engineered and manifested by means of mental mastery of physical matter. They were specifically fashioned in order to create a network of multidimensional energies and frequencies that served many purposes.

One was the specific alignment of certain pyramids with specific latitudinal and longitudinal alignments, in order to create a ‘field of resonance’ for the planet.

Why did so few people understand this calendar? The Christians missionaries, for example, considered these stories to be metaphors for different categories of hell.

Archangel Metatron:
The interpretations of the Spanish Christian priests were limited by their preconceived notion of the Mayans as infidels and pagans, beyond the pale of their own narrow Christian doctrines and fear-based indoctrination and programming.

I understand that only the first part of the calendar has been discovered; the second is still hidden, or lost. If this is so, what is there still to discover?

Archangel Metatron:
Written portions of the original Atla-Ra calendar, which became known as ‘the Mayan calendar’, were lost, not only because of the depredations of time, but were further dissipated by various interpretations, since it was first brought into the lands of the Yucatan. The full information is still retained within the 13th Crystal Skull, known as ‘Max’.

There are Halls of Records yet to be found that contain vast stores of information, including world histories. Although Edgar spoke of these as being in three separate locations, and predicted that they would be revealed prior to the new millennium, they have still not yet been discovered.

The comprehensive records of Atlantis are contained in holographic data recorded within ‘Max’. Yet the retrieval technology of this data is not yet available to you. In the future you will develop crystalline receivers that are capable of playing back in 3-dimensional holograms the data therein, but this advance lies some way ahead.

Just as you now store information in computers through digital files, and no longer transcribe lengthy text on paper, the Atlantean historians stored such information using crystal technology. Max is of Pleiadean and Arcturan construct and origin. He is a vast consciousness, akin to a super computer, with a huge library of data contained therein. He is the most powerful, most conscious of all of the remaining ancient crystal skulls.

Within Max are the complete records of not only the original Mayan calendar, but the complete history of the Earth and of humanity – and beyond. The original crystal skulls came from another world, another reality. They are the prototype of perfect human consciousness, the perfection of the human being, encompassing all his aspects and potentialities. That was their prime purpose, and why they were brought here.

Originally the crystalline skulls were brought to Earth from Arcturus and the Pleiades, and to the land that became LeMuria, but the original model arrived before the planet was fully in polarity. It was brought into the planet at the time of the Firmament you see, in a zero point Earth, a non-magnetic plane we will say. In an Earthen World that knew perfection, that was inhabited by an androgynous manifestation of Etheric Spirit in full consciousness.

Yet even then it was already known that the Firmament would fall, would dissolve, and the plan then was that this model, this extraordinary holographic record, the original crystal skull, would serve as the prototype of this initial integral aspect. And so it contains within it the model of the 12 strands of DNA, the fully-conscious mind and being of the evolved human.

The crystal skulls contain within them all that you were before the human experiment, and all that you will be when you complete it, the infinity circle.

They were manifested into form above and beyond physicality, and have been brought into physicality at various times. As such, no true age can be assigned to them, because they have appeared, disappeared and reappeared many times in the millions of years of Earth’s habitation by mankind.

Max is not of the Earth. His origin is the Pleiades, but his construction was more of the Arcturian Crystal Masters.

Obviously the Mayans knew that their own society would decline and disappear. How did they protect their knowledge, and where did they go when their civilisation started to dissolve?

Archangel Metatron:
As already stated, the full records are available in the 13th, via Max. Max is an extraterrestrial Crystal Skull, a vast conscious crystal computer, and was/is the ‘living data archive’ used for storage of the complete information of the calendar. There are other such libraries, but Max is the only one on the Earth plane at present in the ‘cranium format’. The crystal skulls contain within them that which you were before the human experiment, and what you will be when you complete it – the infinity circle.

The Atlanteans worked with the original crystals skulls, the most important of which, the 13th, contains the full energy of the other 12, and was safe- guarded by the High Priest of the Mayans.

The 13th skull not only gave access to the higher dimensions, it was anincomparable source of information and data relevant to the Mayans, as it contained information regarding the complete calendar, the complete map of the Cosmos as related to Sirius, Orion, Pleiades, Arcturus and beyond. It also contained the Laws of Physics for each dimension, and the cyclic codes.

This conscious recorder, the crystalline cranium, is an immense databank and an invaluable tool. Certain High Priests of the Mayans, with Sirian assistance, maintained the knowledge of how to ‘read’ it. It existed for them in a dimension that may be termed semi-physical, and was manifested through theta level thought. Within this crystalline, conscious computer, Max, are the codes for the reprogramming of the Earth. That is why it is in a manifested form in the present time.

The crystalline skull was solidified and programmed in a most complex manner. It is imbued with the divine aspect of the soul when it enters the Earth’s ambit from the unified field. In a manner of speaking it is the pattern recorded into the God Self, the Subconscious or super subconscious of the human mind. The perfected man, not the version of what Man would later become in the downward spiral of human experience, but rather as the original model to which Man aspires, and gradually returns to his original, flawless archetype.

Max is one of two skulls that are truly extraterrestrial in origin. The other is ‘Sha Na Ra’. Both originate from the moon of an enormous planet, some twenty times the size of Jupiter, circulating Arcturus, the orange star of creativity.

Hence the interest that surrounds the skulls is rapidly increasing with the coming of the Ascension, and mankind’s desire to better understand himself, and to reject whatever no longer serves humankind. Systems that no longer work in both macro and micro are collapsing, and will reform themselves. To put it another way, mankind is rebooting, just as is the Earth herself.

The knowledge of the universal Mind exists above and beyond the Crystal Skull; yet the universal Mind is encompassed and zipped within it, in a way that benefits mankind. The knowledge within it is available for human access.

Comment to Metatron: According to one knowledgeable source, we are not only living the last shift in consciousness but the ultimate shift, the one that has driven evolution for thousands of years. The final Mayan calendar step to 2012, the last Galactic wave or underworld, has started on March 9th 2011 and will be completed on October 28th 2011. At that date, the ninth wave will be activated.

Question to Archangel Metatron:
Is the ninth wave, the Unity wave ? If so, are we ask to really start de co-create unity consciousness ?

Archangel Metatron : This modern conceptual version ‘ termed the ninth wave, does indeed in itself have the ability to create sufficient group conscious focus to stir greater inertia in the quickening that is already in place as the Ascension draws nigh. The ninth wave then is an interpretation that is established with specific valued intents.

So it is important to clarify that this is a conceptual and conventional initiative based on a modern interpretation by a highly evolved soul, and a very credible theorist . We will add that fitted within the interpretation of the writer is the astrological timing of March 9th through October 28, 2011.

The concept and the initiative of the ‘ninth wave’ however, is a contemporary interpretation and is not truly a preset of the ‘Mayan’ Calendar , yet that does not diminish its intended validity or value. For indeed it carries a very high vibration. So understand that although it is contemporary it is a valid insert.

So in direct response to your question we tell you that the ninth wave is being created in the present, and as a result of the focal belief and group focus, it will benevolently occur.


But to be clear, it is the resonant momentum of the Ascension itself that is quickening the energies, and without this source, there would be no potential for a ninth wave. It is the critical moving inertia and positive momentum of the planetary centering in the Galactic field that is the prime source. As such there are truly many astrological influences that we will say play the true roles in the Ascension , independent of the coining of the ‘ninth wave’ of consciousness conversion. Indeed the equinoxes, solstices and eclipses of 2011 and 2012 are the original and true potency sources of the energetic contributions toward the field of unity consciousness.

The ongoing foundation of the myriad influences that are establishing the acceleration of the Ascension energies are truly the basis of the opportunity for increased consciousness, and these will occur with or without what is termed the ninth wave. However, the conceptual stated intent of the ninth wave, as we have stated, is of intrinsic value, and is capable of gaining momentum and assisting in the establishment of unity consciousness on its own merits, if it garners sufficient participation. We will add that there will be other such momentous concepts conceived between the present and Dec 21, 2012, and all will find fertile ground within the energetic foundation that is occurring.

So whether one chooses to refer to the inertia ongoing as the ninth or tenth wave, or any other selected naming, it is an interpretation that truly is subjective and not truly a part of the Mayan calendar as such. Rather the ‘ninth wave’ is an interpretation, and from that perspective has its own benevolent merits that are capable of drawing focus, and accordingly formulate the unity wave that is its appropriate and commendable intent.

The Ascension is, in geo-mathematical terms, occurring in base 12. The Atlanteans utilized base 12, as well as other mathematical bases depending on the dimensional application.

It is perhaps more accurate to say that the Crystalline transition, which is the core essence of the Ascension, is occurring in 12 waves, from the 01-01-01 through the 12-12-12, base 12 you see.

The expansive earth of the Ascension has 12 dimensions. 144-Crystalline Grid is activating in 12 stages through the phenomena of the 12 triple date portals. Both then utilizing the base 12.

The base-12 , twelve- wave scenario is frequencially appropriate to the resonance of the Ascension. There are 12 major ‘Sun-Disc’ on the planet, Each of the 12 carry specific purpose and are receiving new crystalline codes. Each of the 12 primary apparatuses feed 12 satellites…the 12 connecting to the 144 in a complex geo symmetry that is suited to the base 12 of the Earth and indeed also is the Crystalline 144-Grid formulated in base-12 mathematics.

The Mayan’s had vigesimal numerical system, which used base 20. Unity consciousness is indeed a noble aspiration, and is very appropriate, but it is not truly specific to or limited to the dates chosen in the ninth wave initiative. What is symbolized by ‘nine’ is completion or shift. But that again is in base 10 understanding, and not base 12.

Question to Archangel Metatron:
Is this ‘ninth-wave’ a period of opportunity to reach the highest quantum state and is it the basis for a harmonious peace on earth ?

Archangel Metatron :
It is indeed an opportunity, especially within the stated intent of its contemporary author, and those that are following the concept in mass. But this opportunity is truly valid irregardless of the nomenclature or chosen timing. The Ascension is a Universal truth, and unity consciousness has been occurring since 2001, and will quicken through 2012. It is a necessary accomplishment. Do you understand?

It can be more accurately stated that the 2012 Ascension is the 12th wave of the Ascending Earth, and the movements and forward inertia have been quickening as an advent of the Harmonic Convergence, and the replacement of the magnetic grid by the 12 phase activations of the Crystalline grid.

The conscious divine energy behind what you term the Mayan Calendar is independent of and vastly predates the Maya. It is in its core a potent living energy field that is by no means dependent on what is contained in the calendar or interpreted from the remnants of the calendar. It is far more than what you imagine it to be. It is dynamic and ever expanding. While it is the source energy that allowed the calendar to be composed, that very composition is merely one aspect of this dynamic gestalt.

Were the Atlantean Law of One Crystals stored in Arkansas and Brazil a major part of the technology of Atlantis?

Archangel Metatron:
A major part of everything, especially the high level of spirituality with the Law of One. But it is important to note that spirituality took precedence in their application during the Golden Era. The technological applications were then applied through a spiritual entreaty of non-linear mental physics with the use of crystals in what may be termed the ‘sacred sciences’. The crystals were viewed as living entities and were not used in any untoward manner, only for betterment within highest good.

You see, before Atlantis was taken over by the Aryans in its final destructive stage, a beautiful, peaceful and highly spiritual matriarchal society called the ‘Law of One’ presided in extraordinary harmony for over 20,000 years in what is termed the ‘Golden Age of Atlantis’. The era of the Law of One in the incredibly harmonic Golden-Age of Poseida achieved the highest frequency of Love ever actualized on planet Earth. The crystals were a key part of the energy that allowed for their harmonic society and enlightenment. They are now re-emerging.

At the time of the Ascension, when Earth and her inhabitants enter the new Crystalline era, the major power crystals will not be taken from you and misused, as occurred long ago through the Aryan deception, precipitating the demise of the Law of One Golden era of Atlantis. Never again will the Crystals be used for any purpose other than the highest good. Be assured of this. It is a sacred oath of the ‘Law of One’ that will indeed be kept. The Law of One then is re-emerging in spiritual grace within the crystals of Arkansas and Brazil.

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.

Ascension Earth 2012


The Human Metamorphosis Crop Circles

The Human Metamorphosis Crop Circles

It depicts human metamorphosis and transformation!

This has to be the largest, greatest and most profound Crop Circles (apprx 530 Meters x 450 Meters) since “The Galaxy” formation that appeared at Milk Hill, Wiltshire on 12 August 2001 (The largest crop pattern of all time, 800 feet across, consisting of 409 circles).

It appeared near a town in southern Netherlands called Goes, on August 7th 2009, but it has gone unreported in the major Crop Circle websites.

Ascension Earth 2012

A very restricted plan is unfolding whereby our ships of the Galactic Commands will rendezvous with certain members of your societies as well as certain members of your media. You may construe this as ‘landings’, and you may not. The term ‘mass landings’ has been used from time to time by some of you, but what does a ‘mass landing’ signify precisely? We of the Galactic Federation of Light have a great deal of ships orbiting your world at this time and we also have many ships stationed and on patrol throughout this solar system. If we were to land all of our ships or even a large percentage of our ships at one time, this could be perceived as an invasion by those who are yet uninformed of our peaceful intent and by those of you who are allowing the emotion of fear to consume you.
Our plans in the near future are to work personally with many selected individuals of your world to perform the necessary tasks to prepare your planet for ascension into the higher realms. We would not describe this part of the overall operation as ‘mass landings’, but it will be necessary to direct a number of our ships to ground-level. We do need to rendezvous with those that will be working with us, and we will also be required to navigate some of our ships close to ground-level in order to perform some of the tasks essential for the advancement of your world. Do you see the difference dear ones? Know that when we say to you that we will be working with many of you personally that we mean just that, and nothing or no one will interfere with this plan as it is a necessary step on your way to ascension.
How many of our ships will be navigating throughout your skies is a question that will be answered in the days ahead, and you will not have to take anyone’s word on this as you will all be able to devise a rough estimate by totaling the number of sightings, and you will also be able to begin to recognize some of our ships according to size and shape as many of our ships are quite distinctive from some of the others.
How many of you will be working with us is another question that will soon be answered, and we tell you today that we are already making our selections of who we feel would be positive additions to our teams and who have also earned their opportunity. How these opportunities are earned are up to you to answer for yourselves, although we will say to you that our workplace is not very different from many of your working environments in your world, only the nature of some of our work may not be what many of you have ever experienced.
What a wonderful opportunity for the people of your world to see what we are really all about. They will see that we have family structures such as your own, and how we all work and play together no matter what our race or planetary origins. The people of your world will witness our organization working with you to repair the damages done to your world. How then will anyone be taken seriously any longer when they say that we are of evil intent and cannot be trusted?
There are many of your world who believe this today, but they shall not believe this for very much longer, and this is one of our many goals. Those of you who will be working with us will share their stories of these experiences. We will allow you to bring back home with you evidence of your time spent with us, and you will be asked to share this evidence to those of your world. This is our disclosure plan, to announce to the people of your world that we are here, that we are a peaceful organization, and that we are only here to help, to assist you in the areas of your world that require care and attention. That is what we do, and that is all we do. We do not conquer, we do not pillage, and it will be soon that no one on your planet will be able to say otherwise and be taken seriously. This will be so.
We see so many of you doing your best to spread this truth, and we thank you so very much for your hard work and determination. We do see others of your world not only buying into the lies about us, but also making efforts to spread these falsehoods to others. This is your right and your free will choice. We only ask you to learn more about the sources of this information you are spreading about us. We ask you to examine why it is you resonate with these fear peddlers, and try to use better your powers of intuition and feel the energy these individuals are giving off. Do they radiate with love? Do you feel that their words can be trusted? Do their messages radiate with truth or deception? Please ask yourself these questions before you take part in the sharing and dissemination of these lies that can be, at certain levels, very detrimental to our mission here and to the people of your world.
We are not suggesting you follow our instructions or wishes. We wish to make it clear that we honor and respect your right to exercise your free will choice. We are only asking that those of you who choose to take part in this disinformation agenda choose carefully who you wish to trust as a source of your information. We feel that with a certain level of research and background checking, you may be surprised who and what is behind some of these individuals whose words you are accepting as truth and are passing on to others. That is all we ask of you. Is this fair enough dear ones?
Much of our mission rides on the acceptance of us by certain number of your citizens. We feel we will reach this quota in due time and all of your world will benefit greatly upon this success. We ask you though, how much longer should the people of your world suffer because so many not only continue to buy into the fear-based lies about us, but who also willingly participate in the spreading of this disinformation? How much longer? This is what we ask.
Allow us to prove to you who we are and what we have come here to do. Do you think you have so much to lose? Do you think you are free today? Do you think the Cabal does not have plans to enslave you? Many of you see clearly that the dark ones are losing their grip on you. What do you think is the cause of this, and why do you feel the Cabal does not implement their plan to completely enslave you? Why are their detainment centers they have built all over the world not being filled with those of the voices of dissent? Why do you think those who are quickly losing their power and control over you sit by idly and watch as this all happens without amassing any resistance? Ask yourself these questions dear ones, and you may begin to see us in a different light, the light we deserve and have earned.
We wish to share with you what we have, not take. We have the power and the means to take at will if this is what we desired, yet we have undertaken a wide ranging campaign to awaken you and empower you. Why would we do that if we wish to conquer? Those of you helping to spread the lies about us, please ask yourself these questions. This is all we ask, and we thank you for taking the time to make a qualified decision as to which messages you choose to share about us.
Moving on to recent developments in and around your world, we have turned up the pressure on the remaining space forces of the dark Cabal and we can safely report that their forces are dwindling down quickly in size and the end for their once sizable array of space fighters is soon at hand.  As we have made clear on many occasions, we do everything in our power to see that no physical harm comes to those soldiers manning these space fighters and other space related systems, and those taken into custody are removed from this area and relocated to safe zones where they can begin their reeducation programs where the first thing they will learn is the reality of who they were fighting for. As we have said, this comes as quite a surprise to many of them. We also see this information coming as quite a surprise to many of your world as well, and we will back up what we share with you with undeniable evidence, as we possess great technology that can offer irrefutable proof of what we offer as fact.
Many of you will be quite astonished of the crimes committed against you, and we say to you to look beyond anger and any need for revenge and instead focus on adequate justice and rehabilitation for these souls. Many souls today who are very positive members of their Galactic communities were once aligned with the dark and fought against the forces of light, but there is always an opportunity for one to find their way back to the light and every soul deserves this chance. You are all children of your Creator, and as such all deserve all the guidance and nurturing required to bring you up into the light. We suggest to you that you find a way to allow these lost souls to receive the restructuring that will allow them this chance. There may even be some of you that were given just this opportunity and a chance to find your way back to the path into the light.
We see the heat beginning to be turned up on the members of the Cabal and we see they now have no place to turn, with no alternatives but complete surrender. No more are they plotting and scheming as now their days are filled with conference calls with legal teams in an attempt to construct some sort of defense when they are inevitably brought before a court of justice. Once a tight brotherhood of criminals devoted to their dark agenda, today they seek to blame one another and offer some of their pawns as scapegoats and patsies.
Some of these individuals today are attempting to run and to hide from the justice that will surely find them, as we have means to locate them where ever it is they shall try to hide. Each of those who have plotted and schemed against your people will be brought to justice; there will be no other way as their fate has already been chosen by they themselves. These names will be many, and the list will grow as arrests are made. Justice will be had by the people of your world, and you will not have very much longer to begin to witness this for yourselves.
Turning towards your new financial system, there are many men and women who have been working on your new system tirelessly for months, and for some, even years now. Your old system has already crumbled, it is not crumbling. It is being held up by smoke and mirrors at this time. Your World Bank and the US Federal Reserve are bankrupt. They are not being permitted to pass the worthless pieces of paper they print at will, as these notes have no intrinsic value. They are just paper, nothing more.
The people of your world have a new system waiting in the wings that will carry you to your ascension. This is the plan, and has been the plan for far longer than many of you may realize at this time. Many dedicated men and women have offer their services towards this new system and much of their labors have been of a strictly volunteer nature. Much appreciation for their efforts is called for, and upon the unveiling of your new system many of these courageous men and women will be made known to you, and they and the story of the creation of your new system will also be made known to you throughout many of your media outlets. You can be assured of this. Do not allow yourselves to lose hope for your new system as it is very real do ones, and it is nearly ready for its historical launch.
Your new system will alleviate many of the inherent flaws and limitations of your old system, namely in the way money is created and circulated. Your new system will supply a currency backed by genuine precious metals, in contrast to your old system that held relatively miniscule amounts of gold reserve. This has been the problem at the center of your economic woes, and will not be a factor in your new system as one hundred percent of your new currency will be backed by real and tangible value. Your new system will relieve the strains that have been unduly placed upon you due to the old system that created wealth for a few out of debt of the many. Your new system will not be based on debt, and will allow every member of your human family to prosper the way your journey has always been intended.
Upon the launch of your new system, your people will be released from their shackles of debt, and we see great relief and joy sweeping all across your world. This will be a tremendous boost as you head down the home stretch towards your ascension, and we see your collective vibration jumping at the news that your old system is dead and your new system has now been born.
This day will surely be a most triumphant day for humanity, and will be one of the most significant days in the entire history of your world. This day is coming; you can be assured of this. We ask you to do your part and help this day manifest. Bringing the members of your Cabal to justice is the triggering point of your new system, and we ask you to continue to spread the news of the arrests that will soon be broadcast through your media.
We have shared with you how important it is that you set the table for this event, as we wish for as many of your world to benefit as greatly as possible from this breaking news. Please do your part to give others some idea of what these proceedings mean to them. This is your task at this time. As we have said, you will not be left looking foolish, as these arrests will happen and already we see related legal proceedings finding their way to the people of your world through many of your media outlets. Other major media outlets will begin their coverage of these events in time as well, and the mass arrests of members of the Cabal will make headlines, you will not have to dig deep to locate this coverage.
From our vantage point we see all the different areas of our mission proceeding smoothly, and all remains perfectly on schedule. We again thank you, our agents in the field, and we say to you to continue to persevere as you are fastly approaching the light at the end of the tunnel. You do not have long to wait until we can begin working personally with you and this difficult area of your assignment will be finally behind you. You are all doing a truly wonderful job, and we thank each and every one of you for your tremendous efforts and your courage to stand up for what you believe in.
This is one of the reasons you have been chosen for this assignment, as to act as a Wayshower for your fellow man, as courage and conviction are traits well worth the pursuit to obtain them. It is hoped that many of your brothers and sisters will take notice and respond to this vibration. Continue to do your best and lead by example, as your actions and not words are always the best teacher.
We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

12 Dimensions of Our Consciousness




12 Dimensions of Our Consciousness

There’s more to love about our “selves” than what’s in the mirror.  We are multidimensional beings connected to many different worlds or planes of existence.  Each plane vibrates at a different rate and possesses its own set of principles and laws.  These planes or dimensions represent increasing self-awareness and closeness to God, The One, the universal life force.

Many are feeling a planetary shift in energy or consciousness.  Consider it a kind of blueprint cleanse.  As we ascend to higher levels of consciousness we move further away from ego and closer to God.  This growth may feel uncomfortable as we are forced to disconnect from and release our attachment to this physical world.  At our highest levels of consciousness we are in service to all of humanity and the Universe as we teach and prepare lower beings to return to the original Source or God.

The first three dimensions are motions; physical motion, emotional motion and mental motion.

1st Dimension – Physical (time)

Awareness as a point in space or time.  It is the level of consciousness at which human genetic coding, water and the mineral world resonate.  For humans, this level is unconscious to our five senses.

2nd Dimension – Emotional (feeling)

Awareness as a point and line.  This is the level of consciousness of plants and the lower animal kingdom (bacteria, microbes, etc.) living only to eat, fight and procreate.  For believers, this purely biological realm may also inhabit fairies , devas, nature spirits, chemical beings, elementals and also the demonic energies. The creation Dragons can also be connected with on this level.

3rd Dimension – Mental (thought)

This is awareness of point, line, width and breadth, height and volume.  It is the conscious world as we know it; the dimension into which humanity is born and is the assigned keeper.  While we have the ability to remember the past and consider the future while remaining in the present, we remain locked in a cause/effect, time/space paradigm because the past is imprisoned in our subconscious mind.  For most, we are unaware of how we are connected to each other and the universe.  This is an ego-based existence.

The next three dimensions are space, allowing for spherical, circular and linear separation of objects.

4th Dimension – Spherical Separation

When we are awake, we are conscious in the 3rd dimension.  When we sleep we become unconscious in the third dimension and conscious in the 4th dimension.  In this dimension we are aware of point, line, width and breadth, height and volume and time.

This “higher human” consciousness is also referred to as the astral body.  This etheric body is home to advanced dreaming, intuition, psychic ability, creativity and magic.  In this dimension, feelings and thoughts create reality almost immediately; thus, feelings of fear can make this dimension a very unpleasant plane of existence.  It is the futuristic realization that no one is greater or more important than anyone else. This is the beginning of our understanding of oneness.  Some humans are born into this dimension in 3D bodies.  They are called Indigos.

5th Dimension – Circular Separation

In this dimension, there is no illusion of limitation.  It is the awareness of point, line, width and breadth, height and volume, time, and spirit.  Some Indigos are also be born into this dimension.  In the fifth dimension we are liberated to create a new paradigm of being, thinking and doing as part of the universal One.  On this plane we live in unconditional love, freedom from judgement and guilt, and unconditional forgivenness, and unconditional acceptance.  On this level we can see and communicate with angels and other stellar beings who are in a Light body.  There is no fear on this plane.

6th Dimension -Linear Separation

The 6th dimension is one of “crystal consciousness.”  Here life is playful and magical as we surrender to the flow of the evolving spirit while continuing to create on an individual level.  Humans born with their consciousness in this dimension are referred to as “Crystals.”

The following three dimensions are energy; electric, magnetic and life energy.

7th Dimension – Electric Energy

This is where we go when we time travel and visit parallel worlds.  It is a morphogenic field where we share our aura for the good of others as part of our planetary duty to heal and teach them about higher consciousness.  In this dimension we can connect with our soul family.  It is where many Light beings gather to communicate with lower levels.

8th & 9th Dimensions – Magnetic Energy and Life Energy

In the 8th dimension, we have complete control over the story of life.  It is the place of eternity where the soul is intangible, undefinable and immeasurable.

The 9th dimension is the death portal (of the soul) and incorporates the 8th dimension.  In the 9th dimension we bear full responsibility for the care of the entire planet.

The next three dimensions, the original three, are the Consciousness of the Creator.

10th Dimension

Here is where we communicate with Creation through sound and vibration.  We become aware of all the planets that make up our consciousness and assume responsibility on a solar level.

11th Dimension

In this dimension we exist as a ray of light.  Elohim (higher selves of angelic beings that inhabit this plane) and the Twin Flames can be found here.  Galactic consciousness is achieved.

12th Dimension

In the 12th dimension we return to Source and resonate in unison with the physical form of our Local Universe. We are whole.