IAMI is a hub for providing and learning conscious information. Dedicated to those that seek such knowledge as part of their ascension path. Our efforts are intended to share information collected from the world back to the world to achieve a heightened understanding and greater connectedness of helpful ascension information on the following topics:

*Self Mastery
*Power of the Thoughtful Mind
*Zeitgeist NOW (What are WE Doing)
*DNA (Light, Water & Crystal)
*Peaceful Problem Solver (Give back)
*Humanitarian: (Just Say No to Genocide)
*Sacred Geometry (Conscious Structure)
*Raising Spirit and heightening Vibrational Frequency
*Sound Healing (Molecular Geometry)
*Metaphysical Philosophy
*Natural Law
*Natural medicine
*Affirmative Beliefs
*Ignorance and Fear
*Environmental Conservation

Our hope is to raise mental awareness through communication providing a open door for a greater investigation of these topics, likely to stimulate questions and interest as each of them effects us all.

To achieve a greater understanding of ourselves can help us to see beyond the greed of power and make conscious decisions together,  in the name of compassionate love. With equality for all and most importantly internal peace and harmony with all that is. As it is a fact we are all One.